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Charles Burke
President & CEO, The War Memorial

“A symphony conductor knows more about how to lead than most business people...”

Quincy Jones, 2018

My Story


Strategist, Ideator, Futurist, Individualizer, and Competitor. A multi-dimensional leader with successful nonprofit, artistic, educational/academic, institutional advancement, fiduciary and long-range/vision planning experience. Demonstrated ability to drive culture-change through integrity-based teamwork; strategic governance restructuring; ability to build, sustain and grow business models throughout complex organizational structures; optimization of operational initiatives including infrastructure design, process reengineering, turnaround management and reorganization; and, the redefinition of a regional cultural institution via innovative collaborations, strategic alignments and scalable partnership architecture. Fresh, honest and transparent leadership through vision development and implementation, pragmatic labor relations, innovative artistic planning and retention-based staff development. A unique leader that merges a deep artistic, executive, and academic skill-set while promoting a global and 21st century transformational institutional trajectory.

The War Memorial

Located on the shores of Lake Saint Clair in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, The Grosse Pointe War Memorial Association (more commonly known simply as The War Memorial) is a legacy-filled institution with a reenergized determination to emerge as a regional driver of arts, learning, patriotism, hospitality and connectivity. Situated on the grounds of the historic Alger Estate, The War Memorial serves an estimated 200,000 individuals with over 2,000 functions annually, including programs to honor veterans, engagement experiences for adults and children, community events and celebrations, and premier hospitality services. With new programming and innovative leadership, The War Memorial is a unique, dynamic and forward-thinking hub for southeast Michigan with a mission to be a patriotic, cultural, and community leader.

The War Memorial waterfront campus is unusual and unique in its dual use and sustainability. The Estate home is on the National Register of Historic Places, a premiere example of early 20th century Italian Renaissance architecture. Two large additions expanded the facilities of the War Memorial and support its cultural mission, including The Patriot Theater, the Crystal Ballroom, and the Center for Arts and Communications. The War Memorial Campus, including Memorial Church, the Carriage House, adjacent acreage and two historic gardens, host art and dance studios, conference facilities, classrooms and television production and broadcast studios, and are home to more than 50 unique nonprofits. The complex of buildings that comprise The War Memorial assists in defining its core mission and creates a Cultural and Community Center with few benchmarks nationally.

A Unique Leader

president & ceo.  board director / jei.  advisor / beaumont health & gp news.   academic fellow / harvard exec./columbia exec.  husband. orchestral conductor w/ the dso / a maestro (really, i’m not kidding). composer.  teacher.  father/uber driver for 2 great kids.  robot model (check out asimo on youtube - wow, that’s awesome!).  fundraiser. volunteer.  author.  executive producer (see live inspired productions below - holy cow!).  musician.  marathon runner.  traveller. experience designer.  visionary....helping people and organizations achieve their very best & more than they can imagine...


Charles Burke

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